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Transportation Technology companies are working to revolutionize how people and goods are moved around the world. They empower businesses and transit authorities to increase their customer base, utilize telematics to develop insights, and optimize transit design. These startups are also working on entirely new technologies, such as autonomous vehicles.

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Latest Transportation Technology Blog Posts

Transportation Technology Report Highlights – Q2 2019

Here is our Q2 2019 summary report on the transportation technology startup sector. The following report includes a sector overview and recent activity.

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Transportation Technology Funding in 2019 Projected To Increase From 2018

How is the funding environment shaping up for transportation technology in 2019? As we pass the mid-year mark, let's see how the year-to-date metrics compare to the historical trends. The graph below shows transportation technology total funding by year, stacked by quarters.

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Transportation Technology Exit Activity Saw Consistent Growth In Recent Years

How has the exit activity for transportation technology developed in the first half of 2019? This blog post explores transportation technology exit metrics through Q2 2019 and compares them to previous years. The graph below shows the number of transportation technology exits by year, stacked by quarters.

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