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Security Technology companies are working on revolutionary ways to protect computer systems from digital threats. They help businesses protect their infrastructure, networks, and data. These startups are also creating entirely new ways to prevent cyber attacks, safeguard operations, and assess risk postures.

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Latest Security Technology Blog Posts

Security Technology Q1 2020 Exit Activity

The below chart summarizes security technology year-to-date exit activity compared to last year. There were 9 exits in Q1 2020, which is a 10% drop from Q1 2019. A quarter of the way through 2020, and we are at 16% of the 2019 full-year exit activity.

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Venture Scanner Innovation Quadrants

Our Innovation Quadrants are a framework to guide you in the startup research and scouting process. The Innovation Quadrant organizes emerging technology categories into four states of innovation by plotting the categories on two axes. One axis uses average age to show maturity. The other uses average funding to give a sense of traction.

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Security Technology Q1 2020 Funding

The below chart summarizes security technology year-to-date funding compared to last year. As you can see, Q1 2020 funding closed at $2.6B, which is a 43% increase from Q1 2019. A quarter of the way through 2020, and we are at 25% of the 2019 full-year funding amount.

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Innovation Quadrant

Our Innovation Quadrant is a framework to compare emerging technology categories based on average funding and age.

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Sector Map

Our Sector Map provides an overview of Security Technology categories and highlights a sampling of companies per category.

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