Venture Scanner Reports Power Your Innovation Programs

Never miss an opportunity with Venture Scanner reports, designed to give your corporate innovation process a competitive advantage. Use our reports as the foundation of your startup research to empower your decision making and confidently find startup partners that match your corporate innovation needs.

Develop your innovation strategy with our report overviews, analyses, and insights.

Identify big picture trends and insights around funding, exits, and momentum within an industry with our interactive graphical reports and intuitive startup categorization. Our reports enable you to understand the functional categories that make up an emerging technology sector, how categories compare with one another, and how the sector and categories have evolved over time.

Identify startups, investors, and acquirers relevant to your corporate innovation needs.

Gain access to our comprehensive research about startups, investors, and acquirers within each of our categories, including startup funding histories and investor portfolios. Shortlist the startups most relevant to your needs and create your own watchlists to streamline your startup research. Export our rich information for deeper analysis to drive your decision making.

Stay relevant and ahead of disruptive forces by tracking the latest startups, funding, and exit events.

Keep ahead of your competitors by discovering developments as they happen and exploring recent trends to see what categories and companies are getting the most traction. You'll never miss the latest startups, funding, and exit events again. You can also access a continuous feed of curated news, giving you an overview of the driving forces within a category.

Venture Scanner Reports Speed Up Your Research

Venture Scanner's interactive reports streamline your research and provide the critical insights you need to give your innovation programs an edge over your competitors. Get an overview of the sector, deep dive into startups and investors, and track major events as they happen.

Executive Summary

Get an overview of a sector with our analyst-defined taxonomy and category definitions, enabling you to examine and compare categories across funding and traction metrics. Use our insights to interpret the data, our geomapping to find innovation hot spots, and our exportable metrics to analyze trends in funding, exit activity, and traction.

Detailed Discovery

Efficiently slice and dice our research to shortlist relevant startups, identify active investors, and understand acquirers within any category. Get the most relevant information about an organization including summary statistics, funding round information, investors, and key people with our startup and investor profile pages. Create watchlists for relevant startups to keep track of ongoing changes. All of our research data is fully exportable, allowing you to undertake your own custom analysis.

Latest Activity

Track all changes that occur within our analyst-defined categories, such as recently founded startups, funding rounds, and exit events. You can zoom into the categories most relevant to you to view developments at a daily, monthly or quarterly level. Get a visualization of these developments with our dynamic graphics and tables. We also curate the latest news at the sector and category level to cut through the noise, ensuring you never miss an important headline.

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