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Internet of Things companies are working on revolutionary smart devices that connect to the internet and other devices. They are fundamentally altering the way consumers interact with, automate, and control their products. These startups also enable enterprises to derive analytical insights from the vast amount of data gathered from connected devices.

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Latest Internet of Things Blog Posts

Internet of Things Q1 Summary

Below you will find our Q1 2022 summary for the internet of things startup market. It includes funding, maturity, and exit trends for the last quarter, along with key takeaways.

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Venture Scanner Innovation Quadrants

Our Innovation Quadrants are a framework to guide you in the startup research and scouting process. The Innovation Quadrant organizes emerging technology categories into four states of innovation by plotting the categories on two axes. One axis uses average age to show maturity. The other uses average funding to give a sense of traction.

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Innovation Quadrant

Our Innovation Quadrant is a framework to compare emerging technology categories based on average funding and age.

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Sector Map

Our Sector Map provides an overview of Internet of Things categories and highlights a sampling of companies per category.

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