Virtual Reality Report Highlights – Q2 2019

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Here is our Q2 2019 summary report on the virtual reality startup sector. The following report includes a sector overview and recent activity.

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Virtual Reality Sector Summary

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Virtual Reality Quarterly Highlights

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Virtual Reality Funding in 2019 Projected To Significantly Exceed 2018

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How is the funding environment shaping up for virtual reality in 2019? As we pass the mid-year mark, let's see how the year-to-date metrics compare to the historical trends. The graph below shows VR total funding by year, stacked by quarters.

Virtual Reality Funding Over Time

As the graphic demonstrates, virtual reality has amassed $1.4B through Q1 and Q2 of this year. This amount represents 78% of the total funding in 2018, and 146% of the funding through Q2 in 2018. The top three funding events in Q2 2019 include a $280M round into Magic Leap, a $230M round into Meero, and a $125M round into Unity Technologies.

A straight-line projection of the completed funding this year would result in $2.8B, which is a whopping 155% of the total 2018 funding. By the same token, a weighted quarterly average projection of 2019 funding would result in $2.6B, which exceeds the total 2018 funding by 46%. Therefore, based on the mid-year data, virtual reality funding in 2019 is projected to dramatically increase from the funding...