Video Technology Report Highlights – Q1 2019

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Here is our Q1 2019 summary report on the video technology startup sector. The following report includes a sector overview and recent activity.

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Video Technology Sector Summary

Video Technology Sector Map

Video Technology Quarterly Highlights

Video Technology Innovation Quadrant

Video Technology Funding Over Time

Video Technology Funding By Category

Video Technology Investors Over Time

Video Technology Exits Over Time

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Future of TV Companies Founded by Year - Q3 2016

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The above graph summarizes the number of Future of TV companies founded in a certain year. 2011 ranks at the top, with around 75 companies founded in that year alone. 2012 comes in after with 70 Future of TV companies founded.

We are currently tracking 673 Future of TV companies in 11 categories across 35 countries, with a total of $18 Billion in funding. Click here to learn more about the full Future of TV landscape report with dataset.


Venture Investing in the Future of Television

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The above graph compares the total venture funding in each Future of Television category to the number of companies in the category. The Social Video category is leading in the Total Funding stat with over $4.6B, whereas the Video Advertising category is leading in the Company Count stat with 134 companies.

We are currently tracking 668 Future of Television companies in 11 categories across 34 countries, with a total of $17.1 Billion in funding. Click here to see the full Future of Television landscape report and data.