Video Technology Sector Overview - Q4 2017

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As we reported last week, the Video Technology sector has seen a lot of funding and exit momentum over the past few years. Yet what are the different components of Video Technology and how do they make up this startup ecosystem? On our Video Technology research platform, we have classified the companies in the sector into functional categories. This blog post examines these categories and how they compare with one another through a series of graphics.

Video Advertising Platforms Is the Largest Video Technology Category

Let’s start off by looking at the Logo Map for the Video Technology sector. As of March 2018, we have classified 828 video tech startups into 11 categories which collectively raised $35 billion in funding. The Logo Map highlights the number of companies in each category and a random sampling of these companies.

Video Technology Sector Map

We can see from the Logo Map above that Video Advertising Platforms is the largest video tech category with 152 companies. This category is comprised of...