Many Transportation Technology Categories Growing in Q2

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We’ve previously observed that transportation technology funding is seeing significant growth. This quarter we are delving deeper on our transportation tech research platform to examine funding by category. Our platform shows two key takeaways:

  • Autonomous Cars leads the sector in Q2 funding
  • Ride Hailing dominates the sector in all-time funding

We’ll explain these takeaways with some graphics and discussions below.

Autonomous Cars Leads Transportation Technology in Q2 Funding

To start off, let’s look at transportation technology category funding in Q2.

Transportation Technology Current Quarter Category Funding

The above graphic shows that the Autonomous Cars category leads the sector in Q2 funding with $3.5B. The Ride Hailing and Smart Mobility categories follow in the second and third places with $2.7B and $2B, respectively. 

So we’ve witnessed how different transportation technology categories stack up in their Q2 funding. But how do these categories’ funding compare with each other historically?...


Transportation Technology Sector Overview - Q1 2018

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We’ve seen a lot of funding and exit activity in Transportation Technology over the past few years. The Transportation Technology sector includes companies that revolutionize the way people move around. It also includes technology companies that enable people to interact with their transportation options.  

What are the different components of Transportation Technology? How do they make up this startup ecosystem? On our transportation technology research platform, we have classified the companies into 17 categories. This blog post examines these categories and how they compare with one another.

Automotive Telematics Is the Largest Transportation Technology Category

Let’s start off by looking at the Sector Map for the Transportation Technology sector. As of March 2018, we have classified 1,238 Transportation Technology startups into 17 categories that have raised $117 billion in funding. The Sector Map highlights the number of companies in each category. It also...


Transportation Technology Funding Seeing Significant Growth

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As we have previously shared, the Transportation Technology startup sector is seeing a lot of activity. How have its funding trends evolved over time? On our Transportation Technology research platform, we have analyzed the data through 2017 and can conclude that the investments in transportation tech are growing at a significant clip.

We have come to this conclusion from the following three takeaways:

  •      Transportation tech funding amounts are growing exponentially
  •      The number of transportation tech deals are increasing steadily
  •      The number of investors in the space are trending upward

We will illustrate these takeaways with a series of graphics to show the trend of transportation tech investments over time.

Annual Transportation Tech Funding Amounts Growing Exponentially

Let’s start off by examining the annual transportation tech funding amounts, stacked by quarters.

Transportation Technology Funding by Quarter

This graph illustrates that transportation tech...


Transportation Technology Exit Activity Rising Over Time

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The Transportation Technology sector has seen a lot of activity over the past few years. How does its overall exit activity trend over time? On our Transportation Technology research platform, we have analyzed the data through 2017 and can conclude that transportation tech exit activity continues to rise over time.

This observation was derived from two takeaways:

  •      Transportation tech exit activity shows strong growth at the annual level
  •      At the quarterly level, transportation tech exit activity is also on an upward trend for most quarters

We’ll illustrate these takeaways with two graphics that show transportation tech exit activity trends over the years.

Annual Transportation Technology Exit Activity Showing Strong Growth

Let’s start off by examining the transportation tech exit events from 2011 to 2017. Exit events include both acquisitions and IPOs. The below graph highlights the number of transportation tech exit events by year...


Transportation Technology Startup Highlights  – Q4 2017

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Here is our Q4 2017 summary report on the Transportation Technology startup sector. The following report includes an overview, recent activity, and a category deep dive.

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Transportation Technology Sector Summary

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Transportation Technology Logo Map

Transportation Technology Innovation Quadrant

Transportation Technology Annual Funding Over Time

Transportation Technology Quarterly Funding Over Time

Transportation Technology Exit Events Over Time

Transportation Technology Latest Activity

Transportation Technology Funding Round Counts

Transportation Technology Quarterly Category Funding

Transportation Technology Recent Funding Events

Transportation Technology Recent Acquisitions

Transportation Technology Ride Hailing and Scheduling

Transportation Technology Venture Investing

Transportation Technology Category Funding Quartiles

Ride Hailing Total Annual Funding

Ride Hailing Companies with Largest Funding Amounts

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