Smart Mobility Leads Transportation Technology In Number of Investors

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The transportation technology industry has seen 2,709 investors and $162B total all time funding. Let's analyze which transportation technology categories have the most number of investors actively financing the startups. The graphic below highlights transportation technology categories based on the number of investors in each category.

Transportation Technology Investors Per Category

As the graphic demonstrates, Smart Mobility has the highest number of investors at 635, with Enhanced Auto Ownership following behind at 588. Smart Mobility companies provide solutions for increasing sustainability in how transportation is conducted within cities. Enhanced Auto Ownership companies allow for new methodologies to buy, rent, and own cars. In addition, the average number of investors across all transportation technology categories is 277.

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Transportation Technology Sector Overview - Q1 2019

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This blog post examines the different components of the transportation technology ecosystem. We will illustrate what the categories of innovation are and which categories have the most companies. We will also compare the categories in terms of their funding and maturity.

Automotive Telematics Is The Largest Transportation Technology Category

Let’s start off by looking at the Sector Map. We have classified 1430 transportation technology startups into 17 categories. They have raised $163B from 2710 investors. The Sector Map highlights the number of companies in each category. It also shows a random sampling of companies in each category.

Transportation Technology Logo Map

We see that Automotive Telematics is the largest category with 213 companies. This category contains companies that collect, analyze, and distribute car data. This data is used by owners to optimize their automotive use. Their products include on-board data readers, diagnostic tools, and notifications to mobile devices. Some example companies...


Transportation Technology Funding by Round - Q3 2017

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The following two graphs summarize the rounds of funding going into the Transportation Technology space. Please note these graphics are made using data through August 2017.

Transportation Technology Funding Amount by Round

The graph above shows the total amount of VC funding broken out by round. In recent years, we’ve seen a large increase in the amount of Series A and Late Stage funding events. The amount of Series D funding events has seen a large growth in 2014 and then quickly decreased.

Transportation Technology Funding Count by Round

The graph above shows the total count of funding events broken out by round. Over the past few years we’ve seen a general upward trend that peaked in 2015 and dipped slightly in 2016. Earlier stage deals (Seed, Series A, Series B) have seen the largest growth in the number of funding events.

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