Augmented Reality Leads Virtual Reality In Number of Investors

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The virtual reality (VR) industry has seen 1082 investors and $11.4B total all time funding. Let's analyze which VR categories have the most number of investors actively financing the startups. The graphic below highlights VR categories based on the number of investors in each category.

Virtual Reality Investors By Category

As the graphic demonstrates, Augmented Reality has the highest number of investors at 346, with Environment Content right behind at 320. Augmented Reality companies superimpose a computer-generated environment on the real world. Environment Content companies create or present computer-generated spatial simulations for the user to experience. In addition, the average number of investors across all virtual reality categories is 163. 

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Virtual Reality Startup Highlights  – Q1 2018

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Here is our Q1 2018 summary report on the virtual reality startup sector. The following report includes an overview, recent activity, and a category deep dive.

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