Transportation Technology Funding by Round - Q3 2017

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The following two graphs summarize the rounds of funding going into the Transportation Technology space. Please note these graphics are made using data through August 2017.

Transportation Technology Funding Amount by Round

The graph above shows the total amount of VC funding broken out by round. In recent years, we’ve seen a large increase in the amount of Series A and Late Stage funding events. The amount of Series D funding events has seen a large growth in 2014 and then quickly decreased.

Transportation Technology Funding Count by Round

The graph above shows the total count of funding events broken out by round. Over the past few years we’ve seen a general upward trend that peaked in 2015 and dipped slightly in 2016. Earlier stage deals (Seed, Series A, Series B) have seen the largest growth in the number of funding events.

We are currently tracking 1174 Transportation Technology companies in 17 categories across 66 countries, with a total of $91.3 Billion in funding. Click here to learn more about the full Transportation Technology market report.


Connected Transportation Funding Over Time - Q3 2016

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The above graph summarizes the total funding raised by Connected Transportation companies for each year. 2016 was the best year so far with over $13B raised, 2015 has the second most funding with around $11B.

We are currently tracking 976 Connected Transportation companies in 17 categories across 62 countries, with a total of $46.4 Billion in funding. Click here to learn more about the full Connected Transportation landscape report with dataset.


Transportation Technology Q2 Update in 15 Visuals

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We at Venture Scanner are tracking 855 Transportation Technology companies across 17 categories, with a combined funding amount of $43 Billion. The 15 visuals below summarize the current state of Transportation Technology.

1. Transportation Technology Market Overview

We organize Transportation Technology into the 17 categories listed below:

Auto Clean Tech: Companies that create next-generation solutions seeking to make transportation friendly towards the environment. Examples include technologies to increase fuel efficiency, lower emissions, and take advantage of renewable fuels.

Auto Fleet Management: Solutions for professional owners of large fleets of vehicles, enabling them to better optimize their total cost of ownership. Examples include solutions for tracking fleet locations, managing repairs and service, and fueling payment systems.

Auto Heads Up Displays (HUD): Technologies that bring "cockpit" style display technologies into the automotive realm....