Venture Investing In Bitcoin Technology

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The above graph compares the total venture funding in each Bitcoin category to the number of companies in the category. The Blockchain Innovations category is leading in the Total Funding stat with over $500M, whereas the Bitcoin Exchanges category is leading in the Company Count stat with 210 companies.

We are currently tracking 815 Bitcoin Technology companies in 12 categories across 71 countries, with a total of $1.5 Billion in funding. To see the full Bitcoin Technology startup report, contact us!


Bitcoin Q2 Update in 15 Visuals

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We at Venture Scanner are tracking 815 Bitcoin companies across 11 categories, with a combined funding amount of $1.3 Billion. The 15 visuals below summarize the current state of Bitcoin.

1. Bitcoin Market Overview

We organize Bitcoin into the 11 categories listed below:

Bitcoin Big Data: Companies that develop tools to review, parse, and analyze activity on the public ledger to increase transparency. Examples include monitoring wallets, advanced search filtering, and trend analysis.

Bitcoin Exchanges: Companies that allow users to buy and sell crypto-currencies, provide market analytics, and allow for the implementation of sophisticated trading strategies. Examples include simple consumer-oriented solutions, marketplaces to match buyers and sellers, and broker/dealers that make their own market and trade on their own inventory.

Bitcoin Financial Services: Companies that provide typical banking services using bitcoin technology. Examples include offering financial investment advice...