Marketing Technology Market Overview - Q4 2016

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Marketing Technology Sector Map

The above sector map organizes the Marketing Technology sector into 15 categories and shows a sampling of companies in each category.

Advertising Networks and Exchanges: Advertising networks and exchanges allow media buyers to purchase ad space from advertising companies. Typical advertising formats include search ads, display ads, and video pre-roll ads.

Automated Personalization Platforms: Automated Personalization Platforms work with retailers to deliver custom ads, marketing messages, and dynamically optimize site pages for different users. Examples include platforms that allow A/B testing and platforms that tailor websites to each individual user's specific tastes.

Content Creation Companies: Content creation companies help brands and businesses create custom content for branding and marketing purposes. Such content can include blog posts, photos, infographics, videos, and other visual or auditory material.

Content Marketing Companies: Content marketing companies create...