Martech Investments Increasing in Importance Over Time

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The Marketing Technology (martech) sector has seen a lot of venture capital funding over the past few years. How have its funding trends evolved over time? On our martech research platform, we have analyzed the data through 2017 and can conclude that the investments in martech have become fewer in frequency but larger in amount.

We have come to this conclusion from the following three takeaways:

  •      Martech funding amounts are on a general upward trend at the annual level
  •      Martech funding event counts have seen a decline in recent years
  •      Martech average funding event size has been growing consistently

We will illustrate these takeaways with a series of graphics to show the trend of martech investments over time.

Martech Funding Amounts on Upward Trend Annually

We will start off by examining the martech funding trends over the years stacked by quarter.

Marketing Technology Funding by Quarter - Stacked

This graph illustrates that martech funding is on a stable upward trend at...