Consumer Lending Category Leads Financial Technology Funding

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We’ve previously highlighted that financial technology funding is on pace to have a record year in 2018. When we take a closer look at the categories that make up fintech, we notice that the Consumer Lending category leads in both Q3 and overall funding.

We’ll highlight this conclusion with some graphics and discussions below.

The Consumer Lending Category Leads Financial Technology In Q3 Funding

To start off, let’s review the amount of funding raised this quarter by each category within financial technology.

Financial Technology Latest Quarter Category Funding

The above graphic highlights that the Consumer Lending category leads the sector in Q3 funding with $3.7B. Its funding is 2.5 times the funding of the next category, Business Lending at $1.5B.

Consumer Lending companies offer new ways for consumers to obtain personal loans and have credit risks assessed. They include peer-to-peer lending, micro-financing, big data analytics, and consumer credit scoring services. Some example companies are SoFi, CommonBond,...


Financial Technology Startup Highlights  – Q2 2018

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Here is our Q2 2018 summary report on the financial technology startup sector. The following report includes a sector overview and recent activity.

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Financial Technology Sector Map

Financial Technology Innovation Quadrant

Financial Technology Total Category Funding

Financial Technology Quarterly Funding Over Time

Financial Technology Recent Funding Round Counts

Financial Technology Recent Exit Events

Financial Technology Company Count by Country

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