Health Technology Headcount Distribution - Q3 2016

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The above graph summarizes the percentage of Health Technology companies with a certain employee headcount range. Companies with 11–50 employees make up over 40% of the market, with the ranges of 1-10 employees making up over 35% of the market. 

We are currently tracking 1,332 Health Technology companies in 21 categories across 48 countries, with a total of $28 Billion in funding. Click here to learn more about the full Health Technology landscape report and dataset.


Health Technology Q1 Update in 15 Visuals

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We at Venture Scanner are tracking 1,091 Health Technology companies across 22 categories, with a combined funding amount of $20.3 Billion. The 15 visuals below summarize the current state of Health Technology.

1. Health Technology Market Overview

We have organized Health Technology into the 22 categories listed below:

Clinical Administration and Backend: Companies that help foster management of healthcare-related administrative tasks. Examples include scheduling, patient transfers, billing, and compliance.

Digital Medical Devices & Diagnostics: Companies that manufacture a new generation of IT-enabled medical devices and diagnostic tools for use by doctors and other clinical staff. Examples include tools for use in surgery, monitoring equipment, and detection equipment.

Population Health Management: Services that help manage and analyze patient data across groups of people to create actionable insights for healthcare providers. Examples include population data...