Security Technology Q2 Update in 15 Visuals

Venture Scanner

We at Venture Scanner are tracking 520 Security Technology companies across 14 categories, with a combined funding amount of $6 Billion. The 15 visuals below summarize the current state of Security Technology.

1. Security Technology Market Overview

We organize Security Technology into the 14 categories listed below:

Cloud and Hosting Server Security: Companies that provide security solutions that protect hosting servers from being attacked. Examples include security solutions for cloud applications, third-party cloud services, and cloud data files.

Identity and Fraud Security: Companies that authenticate identities, approve access within a system, and monitor activities to prevent fraud. Examples include password management, security tokens, and digital identity management.

Data and Information Security: Companies that help protect electronic data from unauthorized external access or threats. Examples include data leakage prevention, file-based security, and enterprise data...