3D Printing Sector Overview - Q1 2019

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This blog post examines the different components of the 3D printing ecosystem. We will illustrate what the categories of innovation are and which categories have the most companies. We will also compare the categories in terms of their funding and maturity.

3D Printer Manufacturers Is The Largest 3D Printing Category

Let’s start off by looking at the Sector Map. We have classified 387 3D printing startups into 9 categories. They have raised $3B from 412 investors. The Sector Map highlights the number of companies in each category. It also shows a random sampling of companies in each category.

3D Printing Logo Map

We see that 3D Printer Manufacturers is the largest category with 119 companies. These companies manufacture 3D printers and the accompanying hardware, such as injection heads. Some example companies include Carbon, Desktop Metal, 3D Systems, and Markforged.

Let’s now look at our Innovation Quadrant to find out the funding and maturity of these categories in relation to one...