3D Printing Market Overview - Q3 2016

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The above sector map organizes the 3D Printing sector into 9 categories and shows a sampling of companies in each category.

3D Printer Manufacturers: Companies that manufacture 3D printers and accompanying hardware (e.g. injection heads). There are numerous players in this space from large incumbents, to emerging crowdfunded projects.

3D Printing Applications: Companies that highlight specific use cases and advantages of 3D printing (e.g. mass customization). Emerging trends in the space are health, dental, consumer applications (e.g. custom eyewear), rapid manufacturing.

3D Printing CAD Software: Computer Aided Design software that enables users to upload, create, and modify 3D models. Some of the newer CAD software can be used directly through the browser, reducing friction for e-commerce websites or consumer facing services.

3D Printing Communities: Groups and websites that organize multiple users around 3D printing. 

3D Printing Marketplaces: Marketplaces that connect two...