Transportation Technology Investors With the Most Activity

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The transportation technology industry has seen $158B in total all time funding. Let's now examine the investors financing the transportation technology sector and identify the most active firms. 

The graphic below highlights transportation technology investors based on the number of investments made in the sector. If an investor participates in two investment rounds in the same company (such as a Series A and Series B), that would qualify as two investments for this analysis.

Transportation Technology Investors With Most Investments

As the graphic demonstrates, Y Combinator has made the most investments in the transportation technology sector with 42 investments. Sequoia Capital follows with 41 investments. Examples of companies that Y Combinator has invested in include Convoy, Embark Trucks, Skip Scooters, and Automatic. The three CVCs rounding out the list include Tencent Holdings, BMW i Ventures, and Qualcomm Ventures.

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