Regulatory Technology Investor Activity Showing Overall Growth

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How has investor appetite in regulatory technology evolved throughout the years? In this blog post we examine the total investments by year into this sector to help answer that question. The graph below shows the total number of investors in all deals stacked by quarters.

Regulatory Technology Investors Over Time

As the graphic demonstrates, investor activity in regtech has been on a generally upward trend in recent years. The 5-Year CAGR of regtech investor activity from 2013 to 2018 is 19%. In addition, the sector has seen a total of 247 investors in all deals through Q2 of this year. This represents 75% of the total investor activity in 2018, and 176% of the investor activity through Q2 in 2018. Taking all these data points together, we can see that investor appetite for regtech deals has been steadily increasing in recent years, despite the slight drop in 2018.

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