IoT Investors With the Most Activity

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The internet of things (IoT) industry has seen $77B in total all time funding. Let's analyze the investors making bets into IoT and identify the most active firms. 

The graphic below shows IoT investors based on their number of investments into the sector. If an investor participates in two investment rounds in the same company (such as a Series A and Series B), that would qualify as two investments for this graphic.

IoT Investors With Most Investments

As the graphic demonstrates, SOSV has made the most bets in the IoT sector with 145 investments. Techstars follows with 82 investments. Examples of companies that SOSV invested in include Leap Motion, Particle, Nura, and Bloomlife. It's interesting to note that Intel Capital, Qualcomm Ventures, and GE Ventures are on this list, as sometimes they operate as corporate investors in this space. Let's see which investors make their way onto this list in 2019!

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