Internet Of Things Exit Activity in 2019 Projected To Be On Par With 2018

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How has the exit activity for internet of things developed in the first half of 2019? This blog post explores IoT exit metrics through Q2 2019 and compares them to previous years. The graph below shows the number of IoT exits by year, stacked by quarters.

Internet of Things Exits Over Time

As the graphic demonstrates, IoT has seen a total of 26 exit events through Q2 of this year. This represents 54% of the total exits in 2018, and 93% of the exits through Q2 in 2018. Some of the exit events in Q2 2019 include Control4’s acquisition by SnapAV, Leap Motion’s acquisition by Ultrahaptics, and Tufin’s IPO.

A straight-line projection of the completed exit activity this year would come out to 52 exit events, which exceeds the total exits in 2018 by 8%. On the other hand, a weighted quarterly average projection of 2019 exit activity would come out to 45 exit events, which falls short of the total exits in 2018 by 7%. Therefore, based on the mid-year data, IoT exit activity in 2019 is projected to be relatively equal to the exit activity in 2018.

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