Venture Scanner Sector Maps (Part 2 of 2)

Venture Scanner

Our sector maps are snapshots of emerging technology sectors. They show what the different categories in a sector are and how many startups are within each category. They also present a small sampling of the current startups that are innovating in each category.

Last week, we kicked off our sector map update with Part 1. You can read that blog post here.

This post is the second of a two-part series. Below you will find sector maps for Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Marketing Technology, Real Estate Technology, Retail Technology, Security Technology, Transportation Technology, and Virtual Reality.

Artificial Intelligence: 13 categories, 2161 companies, $32B in funding

Artificial Intelligence Sector Map

Internet of Things: 20 categories, 2151 companies, $52B in funding

Internet of Things Sector Map

Marketing Technology: 15 categories, 1771 companies, $33B in funding

Marketing Technology Sector Map

Real Estate Technology: 12 categories, 1649 companies, $48B in funding

Real Estate Technology Sector Map

Retail Technology: 21 categories, 1746 companies, $59B in funding

Retail Sector Map

Security Technology: 14 categories, 1063 companies, $25B in funding

Security Technology Sector Map

Transportation Technology: 17 categories, 1238 companies, $117B in funding

Transportation Technology Sector Map

Virtual Reality: 13 categories, 750 companies, $10B in funding

Virtual Reality Sector Map

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