Venture Scanner Sector Maps (Part 1 of 2)

Venture Scanner

Our sector maps are snapshots of emerging technology sectors. They show what the different categories in a sector are and how many startups are within each category. They also present a small sampling of the current startups that are innovating in each category.

We will share our most up-to-date sector maps in a two-part series. Below you will find sector maps for the Blockchain Technology, Energy Technology, Financial Technology, Health Technology, Insurance Technology, Video Technology, and 3D Printing sectors.

You can see the other 8 updated sector maps for Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Marketing Technology, Real Estate Technology, Retail Technology, Security Technology, Transportation Technology, and Virtual Reality here

Blockchain Technology: 12 categories, 1007 companies, $6B in funding

Blockchain Technology Map

Energy Technology: 12 categories, 790 companies, $63B in funding​

Energy Technology Map

Financial Technology: 16 categories, 2401 companies, $90B in funding

Financial Technology Map

Health Technology: 22 categories, 2139 companies, $64B in funding

Health Technology Map

Insurance Technology: 14 categories, 1503 companies, $22B in funding​

Insurance Technology Map

Video Technology: 11 categories, 828 companies, $35B in funding​

Video Technology Map

3D Printing: 9 categories, 383 companies, $2B in funding​

3D Printing Map

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