IoT Drones and Robotics Category Growing Significantly in Q2

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Last quarter we observed that internet of things (IoT) investments are increasing over time. This quarter we are performing a deeper analysis on our IoT research platform to examine funding by category. Our analysis reveals two key takeaways:

  • The Drones and Robotics category leads the sector in Q2 funding
  • The Drones and Robotics category also had the highest funding growth percentage

We’ll explain these takeaway with some graphics and discussions below.

The Drones and Robotics Category Leads IoT in Q2 Funding

To start off, let’s review the amount of funding raised this quarter by each category within IoT.

Internet of Things Current Quarter Category Funding

The above graphic shows that the Drones and Robotics category leads the sector in Q2 funding with $1.3B. Its funding is 3 times higher than that in the next category, Health Care at $0.4B.

So we’ve observed how different IoT categories stack up in their Q2 funding. But how do these categories’ funding growth rates compare with one another? Let’s investigate that in the next section.

Drones and Robotics Funding Grew the Fastest in Q2

The graph below shows the all-time funding for different IoT categories. The quarterly funding and growth rates of these categories are also highlighted.

Internet of Things Total Category Funding

This graphic indicates that the Drones and Robotics category experienced the largest funding growth in Q2 at 24%. The City and Buildings category follows in second place at 14%.

In addition, Drones and Robotics now has the second-highest all-time funding at $7B. This is slightly behind the sector leader, Software Platforms at just above $7B. 

Conclusion: The Drones and Robotics Category Saw Large Growth in Q2

In summary, we have analyzed the IoT funding amounts in different categories. We’ve discovered that the Drones and Robotics category leads in Q2 funding and had the highest growth percentage. It’ll be interesting to see if any other IoT categories will catch up in the rest of 2018.

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