Insurance Backend and Auto Insurance Categories Lead Insurtech Exit Activity

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Last quarter we reviewed insurance technology exit activity and saw its healthy upward trend. We are now going one step further on our insurtech report and research platform to examine exits by category. We conclude that the Insurance Backend and Auto Insurance categories are at the forefront of insurtech exit activity.

This conclusion was derived from two key data points:

  • The Insurance Backend category leads in the number of exits
  • The Auto Insurance category leads in acquisition amount

We’ll explore these takeaways in some more detail below.

To help set the stage, the graphic below shows insurtech exit activity over time. As you can see, the sector’s exit activity grew significantly over the past few years with a slight drop in 2017 from 2016.

Insurance Technology Exits by Quarter

Insurance Backend Leads Insurtech in the Number of Exits

The below graph highlights the number of insurtech exit events by category.

Insurance Technology Exits by Category

This graph shows that the Insurance Backend category leads the sector with 50 exit events. Its exit activity is more than 1.5 times the next category, Insurance Marketplace, which has 32 exit events. 

Insurance Backend contains companies that help insurance companies with their day-to-day operations. They include CRMs for insurance agents, communication tools for insurance companies, and claim filing tools for customers. Some example companies are CHSI Connections, ClaimKit, Shift Technology, and Unirisx.

Let’s now see how insurtech categories compare with one another by acquisition amount.

Auto Insurance Leads Insurtech in Acquisition Amount

The graph below shows the acquisition amounts in different insurtech categories.

Insurance Technology Acquisition Amounts by Category

We can see from this graph that the Auto Insurance category leads insurtech in total acquisition amount with over $16 billion. Auto Insurance companies offer car insurance and car telematics products. These products generally detect your mileage and driving behavior to customize your insurance plan. Some example companies in this category include Metromile, The Zebra, Clearcover, and Cuvva.

Auto Insurance has seen some large acquisitions in recent years. Esurance was acquired by the Allstate Corporation in May 2011 for $1 billion. DriveFactor was acquired by CCC Information Services in May 2015 for $22 million. Tempcover was acquired by Connection Capital in January 2018 for $16 million.

The acquisition amount in Auto Insurance represents 30% of all insurtech acquisition activity. It’s noteworthy that its acquisition amount is more than 1.7 times the next category, Enterprise Insurance, which has just under $10 billion. 

Conclusion: Insurance Backend and Auto Insurance Lead Insurtech Exit Activity

In summary, we have examined insurtech exit activity by the number of exit events and acquisition amount. The Insurance Backend category leads the sector in the number of exit events. The Auto Insurance category leads in acquisition amount.

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