Internet of Things Startup Landscape Trends and Insights - Q4 2016

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A report providing an overview of the Internet of Things startup landscape, graphical trends and insights, and recent funding and exit events. Click here to see this entire deck on SlideShare.

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IoT Report Outline

IoT Sector Description

IoT Logo Map

IoT Quadrant

IoT Category Description 1

IoT Category Description 2

IoT Category Description 3

IoT Trends and Insights

IoT Average Funding

IoT Funding Over Time

IoT Funding by Type

IoT Funding by Vintage Year

IoT Geo map

IoT Investor Activity

IoT Exit Events Over Time

IoT Quarterly Update

Recent IoT Funding Events

Recent IoT Exit Events

About Venture Scanner

Venture Scanner Process Overview

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We are currently tracking 1563 Internet of Things companies in 20 categories across 47 countries, with a total of $26.7 Billion in funding. Click here to learn more about the full Internet of Things landscape report and database.

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