Real Estate Technology Market Overview - Q4 2016

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Real Estate Technology Market Overview Map

The above sector map organizes the Real Estate Technology sector into 12 categories and shows a sampling of companies in each category.

Commercial Real Estate Search: Tools that help consumers/businesses find commercial real estate for rent and/or sale. Examples include shared working space search engines as well as traditional commercial real estate search engines.

Construction Management: Technologies that help teams manage the construction of new buildings. Examples include construction visualizations tools, project management tools for construction teams, and platforms to manage blueprints.

Facility Management: Technologies focused on building efficiency and long term sustainability, from large structures to individual home units. Examples include quantifying the building (energy usage, water usage, etc.), making buildings more efficient, and building inspections.

Home Services: Technologies that support tenants in the management of their home. Examples include home services (such as cleaning), finding rental units, renovation management, postal services, and navigation.

Indoor Mapping: Companies that help create indoor models for the real estate industry. Examples include cameras that produce 3D renderings and visualization platforms that allow users to interact with floor plans.

IoT Home: Internet of Things devices focused on the residential real estate segment. Solutions include home security, home automation, and energy management.

Life, Home, Property & Casualty Insurance: Companies that offer life, home, and property insurance, as well as other kinds of insurance such as renters, disability, and marriage insurance. Examples include websites that offer life, home, and P&C insurance in packages.

Long-Term Rentals/Sale Search: Tools that help consumers buy, rent, and sell a home/apartment for purchase or rent. This category includes companies that provide short-term rentals.

Portfolio Management: Technologies that real estate investors use to make smarter investment decisions as well as platforms to make investments. Examples include listing data trackers, information on REITs, and real estate crowdfunding.

Property Management: Technologies that help in the day-to-day operation of real estate rentals. Examples include tenant management, electronic payments of rent, and tools for landlords and tenants to communicate.

Real Estate Agent Tools: Technologies that help real estate agents do their jobs, as well as technologies that effectively automate it. Examples include real estate specific CRMs, real estate agent review platforms, and marketing tools.

Short-Term Rental/Vacation Search: Consumer tools that aid in the process of finding residences for short-term rentals or vacation rentals. Examples include platforms for individuals to list their personal properties as well as traditional vacation lodging search engines.

We are currently tracking 1,238 Real Estate Technology companies in 12 categories across 60 countries, with a total of $27.4 Billion in funding. Click here to learn more about the full Real Estate Technology landscape report and database.

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