Health Technology Funding by Type - Q4

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The following two graphs summarize the types of funding going into the Health Technology space. 

Health Tech VC Funding by Type - Amount

The graph above shows the total amount of VC funding broken out by type. For the past few years, Series A and Series C funding both account for a substantial amount of total funding, while Series B funding comes in at second. 

Health Tech VC Funding by Type — Count

The graph above shows the total count of funding events, broken out by type. The general trend over the past few years has been a larger number of early stage funding events, such as Seed and Series A rounds, with a diminishing number of events in the later stages. 

We are currently tracking 1,558 Health Technology companies in 22 categories across 52 countries, with a total of $32.4 Billion in funding. Click here to learn more about the full Health Technology landscape report and database.

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