Founding Story

Venture Scanner was founded to fill a growing need for actionable research to power corporate innovation and startup scouting

With a founding team of former founders, corporate technologists, venture capitalists, and investment bankers, we knew firsthand the dearth of resources available for objective intelligence on startup markets. The incumbent research firms were covering existing not emerging technologies, the startup data dashboards provided company-level profiles without context, and technology blogs were littered with clickbait headlines. We knew there had to be a better way. So we set out to build a research firm for the innovation age.

To build the right research products for emerging technologies, we had to fundamentally reinvent research itself. And that is what we did. We threw out the static framework used by incumbent research firms, as that model would not work for covering startup markets that are emerging and changing by the hour. We built a dynamic research process that is technology powered and analyst guided. Our belief is that in the era of AI, research analysts should focus on guiding a technology-powered process and on forming strategic insights, versus doing the underlying data aggregation and analysis that is better left to technology. And that is what we birthed, that is Venture Scanner, the research firm for the innovation age.

When you access our coverage, you can rest assured that you are getting the research needed to activate your corporate innovation process. Whether you are looking for insights to flow into your R&D and product development programs or you are looking to find the right strategic startups to explore partnerships with, you’ll have what you need.

Simply put, we cut through the noise and hype of the startup ecosystem, and give you the intelligence needed to compete and bring new innovations to market.

Do you have emerging technology research needs? Reach out to me anytime to discuss your innovation goals and how Venture Scanner can help.

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Co-founder, CEO

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