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3D Printing companies are working on revolutionary additive manufacturing technologies. They are fundamentally transforming the manufacturing industry through advanced processes and materials. These startups enable entirely new ways to rapidly prototype, customize products, and distribute manufacturing facilities.

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Latest 3D Printing Blog Posts

Manufacturers Lead 3D Printing Exit Activity

How do the different 3D printing categories compare in terms of exit activity? Let’s find out in the graph below, which shows the number of all-time 3D printing acquisitions and IPOs by category through Q3 2019.

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3D Printing Sector Overview - Q3 2019 Update

In this post we examine the different components of the 3D printing ecosystem. We will illustrate what the categories of innovation are and how they compare to one another.

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3D Printing Report Highlights – Q3 2019

Here is our Q3 2019 summary report on the 3D printing startup sector. The following report includes a sector overview and recent activity.

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Our Innovation Quadrant is a framework to compare emerging technology categories based on average funding and age.

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Our Sector Map provides an overview of 3D Printing categories and highlights a sampling of companies per category.

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