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Hitachi Deloitte
Anthem Maybank

Our Process


The foundation of our process is an extensive startup database containing hundreds of thousands companies from around the world. Key metrics surrounding these companies such as funding and headcount are automatically updated on a daily basis.


We have proprietary machine-learning algorithms that are able to index, search, and cluster similar companies and webpages together. This makes it easy for Venture Scanner analysts to build up category lists while ensuring we do not miss the long-tail companies.


Our expert analysts fully immerse themselves in the research of startup technologies and sectors, and are able to match startups against a corporation’s specific business criteria and needs.

Sector Scans


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Nader Ghaffari

Nathan p 300f868beda585b714509032813206f0f6c113c2588c155fdb44a9200edd54c6

Nathan Pacer

Lionel j e59a0742ab3ace93268ad9e381710dfc27f55a39b2524fcdefe57c3c57be7e4b

Lionel Jingles

Dong l a16c9c34d1116685004f79bc58d1c77df96c9a3510512e45dcaf8fb121905bc3

Dong Liu

Neema g 0aef65595af155375b25f5af9b9b0e7cac902e2f15a6876efb8b5e5bfdb26a4e

Neema Ghiasi

Masami k 3659e2ef524ff8e008405e17a2f4aa1911f163126aeb86e0de1d5ab546249ab3

Masami Kato

Wayne w 8ace2b77d0d3a833d0dec625ad08326f346e313f42de949ee31df11f101e657f

Wayne Wong

Devin c 1ff967b65ee44b31c16a585ad4622d3fefb102d892183e0f48cccbc002603fe8

Devin Christiansen


Alex o 281946d2b55c9d2b87820eecbef097fafdf38d3a6681cfd7558f3c65e850495a

Alex Ortiz


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Jereme Monteau